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Kenya Tanzania Safaris, Wildlife Tours, Budget Trips, Masai Mara Packages

Book Kenya Tanzania wildlife lodge safaris, budget trips, holidays, tours packages and Masai Mara Serengeti wildebeest migration safaris.

Kenya Tanzania Safari deals, Wildlife safari tours, road and fly in safari trips and budget holidays, beach vacations. Enjoy amazing Africa holiday trip on your Kenya Tanzania safaris, holiday tour packages both budget trips and lodge safaris, Kenya safaris, Tanzania tours, Kenya Tanzania safaris, enjoy finely crafted and affordable trips / journeys with awesome memories that will last a lifetime - revitalize your soul. Kenya tours, Kenya trip and Budget safaris.
We offer best discounted safaris & tour packages in Kenya and Tanzania as we guarantee you memorable trips to last a life time. Most scenic Kenya wildlife safari parks include among others Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Tsavo. Tanzania's popular wildlife safari parks include among others Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara. Kenya lodge safaris, Tanzania lodge tours, Kenya Tanzania budget trips. Exciting Tanzania budget safari tours and trip packages.
Both Kenya and Tanzania combined make a perfect destination for those who want to experience the ambience and tranquility of Africa as they explore the Wildlife, Culture and Scenery. We always extend personalized and effective ground handling services to our clients during their Safaris, Tours & holidays in Kenya and Tanzania. Traveling between July and October you will have a great opportunity to witness the “Great Migration,” when an estimated 1.5 million wildebeests and zebras trudge across the Masai Mara in seemingly endless herds looking for fresh grass to eat, while being stalked by lions and other predators.

Best Itineraries and Prices for Safaris in Kenya & Tanzania. Sun, Sand & Wild Game - Awaits You, Book and Explore.

Kenya Safaris / Tours

Kenya Safaris

Book Kenya Safaris and realize Kenya is one of the best safari holidays destinations you must consider on your visit to Africa.

Kenya Wildlife Explorer Safari

Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Kenya Wildlife explorer Safari Trips Tours to Tsavo, Amboseli, Mt Kenya, Samburu, Bogoria, Nakuru, Masai Mara. Kenya Wildlife Safaris

Classic Kenya Safari

kenya Trip

Book our affordable package for Kenya lodge safari tour & trip to scenic wildlife parks of Masai Mara Tsavo Amboseli Lake Nakuru. Classic Kenya Safari.

Masai Mara Safaris, Tours, Trips

Kenya Budget Safaris

Masai Mara Game Reserve is Kenya's most scenic national reserve. See the Big Five on your Masai Mara Trip as well as the great wildebeest migration. Incredible safari Offers to Masai Mara game reserve.
Masai Mara Safaris, Tours, Wildlife Trips

Tanzania Safaris / Tours

Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris visiting Tanzania's Serengeti National Park where you are almost guaranteed of seen the the “big five” .

Best of Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Wildlife Safari, Tour & Trip Visiting best Tanzania Wildlife Hotspots. Lakes and Wilderness Parks. Tanzania Safari Trip.

Discover Tanzania Wilderness

Tanzania Safari Tours

Discover the magic of Tanzania Safari Tours as you visit Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire, Amazing experience of Tanzania Wilderness

Amboseli Safaris, Tours, Trips

Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya Safari Tours and Trips to Amboseli National Park. Take a safari to Amboseli and get best views of Mount Kilimanjaro.
The tallest free-standing mountain in the world. You will also enjoy game viewing.
Amboseli Safaris, Tours, Wildlife Trips.

Kenya Tanzania Trips

Kenya Tanzania Safaris

A combined Kenya and Tanzania Safari gives you an amazing wildlife experience visiting most scenic wilderness parks in both countries.

Best of Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Kenya Tanzania Safaris

See Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Hot spots. Thrilling Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour & Trip. Best of Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tours Trip.

Kenya Tanzania Scenic Tour

Masai Mara Serengeti Safaris

Book Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Safari Trip featuring Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara. A great taste of African Trip

Serengeti Safaris, Tours, Trips

Kenya Tanzania Budget Tours

Serengeti National Park is Tanzania's oldest and most popular national park. A Tanzania Safari to Serengeti is gives the opportunity to see wild game as elephant, lions, buffaloes, giraffes, leopard, cheetah among others.
Serengeti Safaris, Tours, Wildlife Trips


Kenya SafarisThe main tourist attractions are photo safaris through the 40 national parks and game reserves. Other attractions include the historical mosques and colonial-era forts at Mombasa & Lamu, the renowned vast scenery of the Great Rift Valley, the tea plantations at Kericho, the coffee plantations at Thika, a splendid view of Mt. Kilimanjaro across the border into Tanzania and the beaches along the Swahili Coast, in the Indian Ocean.
Kenya is where "going on safari" started. A hundred years or so ago, visitors from all over the world, including Teddy Roosevelt, started traveling to Africa, lured by stories of multitudes of wild animals; there were more than 3 million large mammals roving East Africa's plains at the time. Today visitors continue to flock to this East African nation each year. Although humans have made their mark, Kenya still holds onto its pristine wilderness.
Kenya's human history dates back at least 6 million years. In 2001 the controversial Millennium Man was discovered near Lake Baringo in the northwest. This find and Richard and Mary Leakey's discovery of Homo habilis in the '60s fuel ongoing excavations.
The British created what was then known as British East Africa in the late 1800s. After a much publicized and often sensationalized struggle by native Kenyans against British rule in the 1950s, known as the Mau Mau era, Kenya finally won independence in 1963.
The perennial African life-and-death drama plays out among vast populations of prey and predators in what’s widely called one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations. This is what most tourists flock to the country. With massive conservancy areas opening up around the edge of many of Kenya’s reserves, wildlife viewing these days effectively knows no bounds.
Kenya isn’t just about big game. It has a gorgeous tropical coastline with white sandy beaches, coral gardens, superb fishing, and snorkeling, diving, and beach resorts. Traditional triangular-sailed dhows still ply their trade providing unforgettable seafood to the surrounding restaurants. You'll discover unique islands with ancient stone Arab buildings, where a donkey is the main means of transport, and where time really does seem to stand still.
See the BIG FIVE (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, and leopard) - Big Cats Safari Kenya.
On our Kenya tours you will see Lions, buffalo, elephants, rhinos and leopards whether taking a budget tour of a luxury trip. The country has always been famous for its safaris and is famous as the top tourist destination in Africa. Its national wildlife parks and game reserves provide you the ideal opportunity to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, game viewing drives. One of the locations not to miss is the Maasai Mara game reserve, the most famous game reserve in Kenya known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.
The Great Migration at Maasai Mara Game Reserve - Masai Mara Safaris, Kenya.
Maasai Mara is one of the world's most magnificent game reserves. Bordering Tanzania, the Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti and forms a wildlife corridor between the two countries. It's named after the statuesque, red-cloaked Maasai people who live in the park and graze their animals here as they have done for centuries. In their language, Mara means "mottled", perhaps a reference to the play of light and shadow from the acacia trees and cloud-studded skies on the vast grasslands.
The park is famous for the Great Migration when thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson's gazelle travel to and from the Serengeti, from July through October. In the Mara River, throngs of hippos and crocodiles lurk. The park is also known for providing excellent predator sightings thanks to its relatively large populations of lion, cheetah, and leopard - especially in the dry months from December through February. Thanks to the parks altitude, the weather here is mild and gentle year round.